Save time, money, and headaches with safety specialists who put your interests first. When the unthinkable happens, we walk with you every step of the way providing Emergency Response and Command Coordination, Expert Witness Services, Investigation with Root Cause Analysis, and more. We also stand beside you in court if you’re facing WCB penalties and sanctions. Our safety management consultants help put your mind at ease with a thorough accident and incident management program.

Emergency Response and Command Coordination

Emergency response and command coordination reportIf a major accident or fatality occurs, call us right away and we will coordinate with WCB and the police to ensure reports are completed correctly in a timely manner. We are working in your interest. Our safety professionals are trained and experienced in accident and incident investigation and will conduct all interviews with employees to meet police and WCB standards.

Expert Witness Services

expert testimony in court for worksafeIn the event of an investigation, we attend court to provide our expert testimony. Expert witnesses can deliver either or both their expert opinion and expert evidence in court. Due to their education, training, and certification, these witnesses are deemed “experts” by the judge. 

Accident & Incident Investigation (Root Cause Analysis)

Accident Investigation (Root Cause Analysis)Find out what caused the accident or incident and ensure it doesn’t happen again! Root cause analysis and investigation is one of the key services we provide you. When WCB arrives, we take control with you to drive the investigation process. We discover how and why the accident or incident happened, identifying the root cause and causal factors.

WorkSafeBC and Canada Labour Code Appeals

WorkSafeBC and Canada Labour Code AppealsDon’t let sanctions and penalties affect your business. We have a high rate of success with appeals, and we represent you when facing WorkSafeBC and labour code penalties and sanctions.

Having trouble responding to a workplace accident?