5 Steps to Due Diligence and Workplace Safety

Due diligence involves doing all reasonable steps in ensuring that a worker is kept from harm. “All reasonable steps” pertains to the degree of care a person is anticipated to do during an incident. Taking all measures to ensure that workers’ health and safety are prioritized makes an organization duly diligent.

workplace that requires due diligence

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To be duly diligent, an employer is required to:

  • Determine all hazards in the workplace
  • Carry out the needed risk controls
  • Openly communicate to involved personnel

5 Steps to be a duly diligent employer

  1. Be informed

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. It is your responsibility as an employer to know your legal, health, and safety obligations which can be found in The Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

  1. Be objective

Seek help from knowledgeable people in the workplace or from professionals in certain fields as you try to recognize any potential hazards.  Make sure you complete inspections and review previous occurrences and trends.

  1. Be proactive

Display due diligence by developing an effective health and safety program that ensures workers are trained in following rules and regulations dedicated to diminishing any hazard in the workplace. This program should contain best work practices, health and safety information, and other measures in compliance with the Regulations and internal policies.

  1. Be watchful

Regularly use self-evaluations in checking systems and processes. Constantly review health, safety, and best practices in the workplace and apply any changes in the Regulations and industry set standards.

  1. Be on record

Be able to provide proof of your health and safety program and how it is implemented in the workplace.  You should be able to include evidence of checking and reviewing all processes and practices to assure continuous monitoring. The Due Diligence Checklist can help you determine if you have the adequate documentation for an active health and safety program.


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