How to Avoid Injuries in Your Home

How to Avoid Injuries in Your Home

While workplace safety is of high concern, it is also important to note that injuries at home are more common than injuries in the workplace, and at home injuries then lead to missed work.  Per Statistics Canada, from 2009 – 2010, only 18.3% of injuries to working-age people (age 20-64) occurred at work while 16.6% of injuries occurred doing household chores and 3.9% occurred going up or down stairs (

There are many ways that you can become injured in your own home.  When you are aware of common at home injuries, you can take steps to maintain your safety.

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Burns from Boiling Water
Cooking poses some inherent safety hazards.  However, there are simple ways to avoid burns in your kitchen.
First, always keep handles from pots and pans turned toward the back of your stove.  This will eliminate the risk of bumping into the handle and causing an accident.

Second, always use potholders.  If you try to pick up a pot of boiling water without a potholder, you could be burned by the handle as well as the water.

Third, avoid loose clothing, loose hairstyles, and jewelry when you are cooking.  These can all increase your risk of an accident.

Fourth, never allow children to use the stove without supervision.  Even the simplest tasks involving boiling water can result in burns.  Teach your children about safety, but make sure they are always supervised by an adult.

How to Avoid Injuries on the Stairs
A common way of becoming injured is falling down the stairs.  One approach to avoiding a slip and fall accident is to keep the stairway free from debris.  Never leave objects on the stairs.

Second, the stairway should be well lit.  Whether you use a traditional light or lighting strips, visibility will help you to avoid becoming injured.

Third, do not use standard rugs on the stairs.  Choose carpeting, and make sure that it is securely attached.

Fourth, keep cords out of your stairway.  It is easy to be injured while reaching for a light cord, or tripping over an extension cord on the stairs.
Fifth, avoid wearing floor-length clothing when you use the stairs.  Long dresses, robes, and even pajama bottoms can cause a fall.

Avoiding Knife Injuries
Cuts from sharp knives are common injuries.  You can avoid this type of accident by storing your knives in a safe place, never touching the blade of a knife, and not allowing distractions in your kitchen.
Knife injuries can also be caused by blades that have become dull.  When your knives are sharpened regularly, they will be less likely to cause an accident.  They will work better, too.

It is not impossible to avoid all injuries.  However, when you start with these tips, your home can be a safer place for you and your entire family.

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