How to Report a Workplace Injury or Disease

How to Report a Workplace Injury or Disease to WorkSafeBC

Before a person experiences an injury or illness at work, the employer must already be aware of how to report this kind of incident. Having pre-existing knowledge of the claims process will lessen the stress on everyone should such problems arise. Knowing how to report a workplace injury or disease can make the working environment safer for everyone.

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  • Workers can call Teleclaim at 1-888-WORKERS(1.888.967.5377)
  • Employers must submit a report to WorkSafeBC
  • Health care providers must also present a provider-specific report to WorskSafeBC

What to report
Contact WorkSafeBC right away when a worker:

  • Leaves the workplace in order to receive treatment in a medical facility
  • Is absent the day after getting injured
  • Goes unconscious
  • Is diagnosed with a work-related illness
  • Shows symptoms of a mental health sickness that is probably caused by the nature of work or the workplace itself
  • Has broken eyeglasses, dentures, hearing aid, or artificial limbs because of circumstances at work.

In the event of grievous incidents, employers should urgently inform WorkSafeBC.

The claims process
Help speed up a worker’s recovery after being injured at or because of work by allowing them to do altered tasks at home. Medical studies prove that working is one of the most relevant factors in staying healthy.

Here are the steps workers can follow for most of the basic claims:

  1. File a claim

A filed report involving a work-related disease or injury requires supplementing information gathered from the worker, employer, and health care provider. It takes approximately 10 days for a decision to be made on whether a claim is approved or not. Other claims will require more time.

  1. Start receiving the benefits

The worker will be informed of the benefits and services that they should expect to receive once their claim is accepted. These things can help them recuperate so they can eventually go back to work.  Wage-loss payments are given to a worker who cannot work nor engage in altered tasks.

  1. Manage the claim

WorkSafeBC offers online tools that simplify the ways a worker can manage a claim. All information they might need regarding their claim can be found in their online account.

  1. Resume doing your usual work

The worker’s desire to go back to their previous tasks is also encouraged by WorkSafeBC. The aid offered is designed to strengthen the link between recovery and work.

A worker must communicate with their health care provider and with WorkSafeBC if their situation doesn’t improve or if they are worried about missing more time from work.


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