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Sub-Contractor Safety Program Evaluation

The Sub-Contractor Safety Program Evaluation form is used by a contractor to evaluate the safety program that a sub-contractor has in-place to determine if it meets the minimum legal requirements.

The contractor can then specify what deficiencies in the safety program need to be corrected, or can require the sub-contractor to follow the contractor’s safety program.

Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA)

The FLHA is completed prior to starting a job after a crew has reviewed the Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) and the Safe Work Procedure (SWP) to familiarize them with the work to be done. The FLHA provides documentation confirming the work assignment is understood by all the workers.

Job Hazard Analysis and Safe Work Procedure

The Job Hazard Analysis and Safe Work Procedure form is used to identify the hazards in a particular piece, determine suitable controls and then write the Safe Work Procedure, so the work can be done with workers being exposed to the lowest possible level of hazard.

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