Be at the leading edge of safety so that you save money, reduce downtime, and continue to be productive. WSS provides you with a comprehensive safety management system to ensure you are WCB- and WorkSafeBC-compliant.

Safety Management Systems

Understand how Working Safety Solutions has the expertise to train your supervisors in their legal responsibilities while familiarizing them with your Safety Management Program.

Safety Program Development

safety program developmentEveryone must have a safety program in place to be compliant with WCB and WorkSafeBC. We take an integrated and systematic approach to build safety into your plan. We work closely with you to develop your policies, procedures, and guidelines based on how things are conducted in your workplace. Our programs can be standard or COR-certified and, once written, we will train your managers and safety supervisors on how to implement the plan.

Complete Safety Management System

complete safety management system at workThis is where we take proactivity to a new level. We take your comprehensive safety program and add training and consultation to create a complete safety management system. We will come to your site and perform monthly or bi-weekly inspections, and if we discover something off-plan, we will show you how to correct it so it doesn’t happen in the future.

Project Specific Safety Program Development

project specific safety program being written outWorkSafeBC regulations require each site to have its own safety program in place to deal with the specific challenges and hazards that are dangerous to workers. We develop policies, procedures, and guidelines from scratch to ensure work safety, providing everyone with the tools and knowledge to stay safe.

Asbestos Management Plans

asbestos being handled safely by workersOur Certified Industrial Hygienists are qualified to assist you in the management of this high-risk material. For tear-down and renovation projects, we monitor your site to ensure workers are compliant and achieve due diligence.

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