What are WorkSafeBC’s Minimum Employer Responsibilities?

What are WorkSafeBC’s Minimum Employer Responsibilities?

As an employer, you have to fulfill certain responsibilities in order to enjoy the benefits of WorkSafeBC coverage.  Continue reading to learn more about the minimum employer requirements:

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Register for Coverage
Regardless of whether your company employs contractors, casual workers, part-time workers or full-time staff, you must register with WorkSafeBC so that your staff is protected if an illness or accident should occur in the workplace.

Report Your Payroll Costs
Once every twelve months (or more often if you have a quarterly account), you are required to send into WorkSafeBC the “Employer Payroll and Contract Labour Report”.  This enables them to check that your company is paying the correct amount of premiums.

Pay Premiums
In order to be covered by WorkSafeBC, you must pay your premiums.  These premiums pay for the expenses linked to workplace related diseases and injuries, encompassing loss of salary, healthcare, admin, and rehabilitation.

Offer a Safe Working Environment
You are legally required to protect the well-being of those you employ.  You must adhere to the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health & Safety Regulation standards.

Investigate and Report Particular Incidents
Certain incidents (those detailed in the Workers Compensation Act Section 173) must be reported to WorkSafeBC straightaway.  You must also investigate these specific incidents and report your findings to WorkSafeBC within 1 month of the incident date.

Alert of Diseases and Injuries
All injuries have to be reported to WorkSafeBC no later than three days after they occur. You are also responsible for transporting any injured or ill staff member to receive medical attention, and funding the cost of transportation.

Advise About Business Changes
Certain changes to your company might lead to a different classification or an adjustment to your insurance premiums.  If you close or grow your company, or set up an offshoot company, you have to inform WorkSafeBC immediately.  You can amend your account information by registering with or logging into their online platform.

Understand Which of your Contractors You Need to Cover
If your company uses contractors, be aware that some contractors might be classed as employees. Consequently, as their employer, you would assume responsibility for them and you would need to pay for their WorkSafeBC coverage.

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