Consider us part of your team. We provide you with regular safety check-ups, on-site training and orientations, and comprehensive inspections. Be proactive rather than reactive and ensure your site is safe and secure for all those who set foot on it.


Compliance Workplace Audits

Regular audits are required by WorkSafeBC and WCB. Our comprehensive audits will ensure the policies, procedures and guidelines set out in your safety management plan are followed. We teach you how to keep everything organized and ensure compliance. If anything is not being followed, we will discuss corrective actions with you.

Hazard Assessment

Keep your crew safe when they start at a new site. We help you develop the WorkSafeBC procedures for your site by conducting a thorough FLHA job hazard analysis that drills down to the individual task level. The safe work procedures developed provide ways to remove the hazard and prevent the hazard. All crews are trained on these procedures.

Tool Box Talks and Crew Meetings

Keep your crew up to speed on work safety changes or refresh them on procedures that haven’t been visited in a while with our Tool Box Talks and Crew Meetings.

Tower Crane Inspections

Get your tower crane up and in service quicker with our comprehensive pre-inspections and pre-use inspections. Jim Hughes is our in-house inspector with years of experience completing crane inspections and training others to do the same. A detailed inspection report is submitted to WCB authorizing the crane to operate.


All workers who enter your site go through a site-specific orientation to let them know what the hazards are and the procedures in place to protect them. We provide a new young workers orientation for those under 25 years of age, as per WCB requirements.


With a combined 100+ years of experience, our team offers comprehensive training services that are trade-specific including: confined-space entry training, silica management training, fall protection training, site inspection training, due diligence and compliance training, fire safety plan training, and supervisor training.